PLM & Cultural Change

Introducing PLM in an organization is for most of them a big change. Interested in the change process I found a lot of literature about cultural change in general, but only a few about cultural change in PLM deployment processes. Cultural change is understood as a result of leader's decisions, planned and executed change agendas and initiatives, and the current organizational culture.
This blog should see the change process of automotive suppliers through:
  • reports about important events of the change process and analyzes them
  • proposes alternative strategies for cultural change in organizations deploying PLM
  • comments literature about cultural change in general applied to PLM deployment
I was working more than 20 years for an automotive supplier and I was involved in setting up PLM in this organization from the very beginning 10 years ago when the idea to set a PLM system up was born.
During the pioneer phase I was responsible for everything related to the PLM system: configuration, testing, deployment and training and the PLM methodology: awareness creation, procedure definition, etc.
Now I am getting retired 3 years earlier than usual. I do not get retired because I am tiered, but because of excellent pension fond conditions. That means now I have time for exciting special tasks. If there are any. If not, then I will enjoy life in hiking, climbing, etc..
If you as PLM vendor, PLM consultant, or responsible for PLM in an organization (PLM project manager, PLM business lead or IT head) need my knowledge and skills, then I can offer support in
- automotive supplier PLM methodology setup (or similar industries)
- business specific PLM methodology training in conjunction with a PLM tool training
- support in reaching specific milestones in PLM deployment like
  • setup of a cross-functional team, consisting of members of all departments involved in PLM usage,
  • support in selecting a PLM tool based on business analysis,
  • definition of PLM procedures,
  • specification of tool customizations following business processes,
  • lessons learnt workshops.
And I can support a PLM project manager based on my experience in that role.
In PLM projects not everything works as planned, meaning if you need support in a fire fighting action, I am available to support you where needed.
Yes, I am available.
This blog is my platform for observations, trends, experiences and simply my personal view of cultural change in an organization introducing PLM.

PLM Basics

01. Business Process, Procedures and Tools

Business Process, Supporting Procedures and Enabling Tools (CM II).

02. Application architecture

PLM system: leading system for Material Master, Bill of Material, and related documents.

03. Effect Diagram for Procedure Deployment

Influence Factors for the PLM Deployment: Assets, Actions and Documents.