A user friendly PLM configuration should follow work culture

21/12/2012 13:30
A user friendly system takes the different cultural habits in the organization into account. Here are examples demonstrating the cultural influence.  Engineers organize their work using issue lists. In an environment of fast changing input they are used to modify too restrictive...

Does a user friendly PLM system solve all deployment issues?

09/12/2012 09:47
If you present the new company's PLM system to engineers, then some of them after a short introduction understand its potential and they just want to use it even if they have difficulties. Others - the majority? - react with complaints: it is not intuitive and does not have a simple user...

Describing Cultural Change during PLM Deployment by S-Curves

16/11/2012 20:21
Following Robert Gilman S-curves are important in biologic science and describe change processes. He uses the forest as an example for an biological system: After clear cut the forest starts to come back. Eco system biomass increases over time following this kind of S-curve. There is an...
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